Thursday, September 29, 2011

Friends have the habit of teasing when you don’t like it at all, to tickle you and comment on your behaviour, your deeds. I would say sometimes I do get irritated by their taunts but it is their right to do so. When you are lying on bed, really tired just waiting for lights to go off and suddenly your friend beats you with a pillow and you just get stuck like a statue thinking “now why this?” and then scream hard in your ear to make you feel goosebumps and  turn your cheeks red. I would have been sleeping otherwise but such activities are must to realise that you have friends who do care about you and sometimes like to have fun with you. They understand you, your problems and expect the same from you. They laugh with you and yeah not necessarily cry with you but can make you stop crying by scolding like your parents do :P. Friends form an important  part of your life especially when you stay away from your home. So always value your true friends J and show your concern.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

fool again

I want to be with you, sit under the moonlight
Hold your hand and rest my head on your shoulder,
Feel warmth of your heart, while looking in your eyes
I want to be there for you, for everything you do J

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"to love.To be loved.To never forget your own insignificance.To never get used to the unspeakable violence and vulgar disparity of life around you.To seek joy in saddest places.To pursue beauty to its lair.To never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple.To respect strength, never power.Above all, to watch.To try and understand.To never look away.And never, never, to forget."
-Arundhati roy

Monday, September 19, 2011

"what would it be like If I had to defend - a home, a country, a family,and I found myself attacked by ghostly men, these trusting boys?How do you fight an enemy who neither fights with enmity nor anger but in submission to orders from superiors, without protest and without conscience"- Amitav Ghosh, The Glass Palace
 good one :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What would you do if someone who is close enough vexes you from time to time by making witty remarks? And you have to keep quiet every time just out of respect which can be due to age or any other thing. Well some people do have this habit of intruding in privacy of others and keeping an eye over what they are doing, what they have brought, what do they look like. Such people will notice their weakness and where they themselves are superior to them and then will keep on making witty remarks about the same on their face. This becomes really irritating sometimes and get on to my nerves, at such times I want to shout loud on their face “dudette what is your problem, you should know the meaning of word ‘privacy’ so better stop intruding and get a hand on dictionary” .I was just thinking what exactly such kind of people want by peeping into others houses, so first reason could be they are not happy with their own life and always want a reason to crib about and when they go to others house they start comparing their lives with them and start finding deficiencies to make themselves happy. Secondly they want to show themselves better some or other way, so they keep on behaving in such a petty way. I was just wondering don’t they have any other thing to think about or do in their life. Strange there are so many things to do, except intruding in others lives but some people still love doing that and waste their time.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I was reading blog of someone and he was talking about ‘destiny’. Yeah, I do believe in destiny.
To some extent we have things in our hand but after a certain limit we just have to go with the flow. Anything can happen to anyone any second. It just takes a few seconds for accidents to happen, few seconds for a heart-attack, brain haemorrhage, while sometimes there is no reason for death. I guess most of you might have seen the movie ‘final destination’ and its sequel. Recently its 5th sequel has been released. They are using this concept of ‘destiny’ and want to say that what has to happen will happen anyway and no one can avoid that. In that movie some people who got saved fortunately from death are afterwards attacked in other ways. According to the movie ’Death’ will find other ways to achieve its purpose. But it seemed more of like someone ‘human’ is behind the attacks rather than ‘death’ which is not something which can act own its own and start attacking people who got saved by chance. FD 1 was indeed thrilling but somehow it was stupid to think that ‘death’ will start hunting people to make them dead. If they say everything is written and will happen the way it has been decided, then how ‘death’ can come in any other way than the way it is written and the way it has to happen which we refer to as ‘destiny’. It is contradicting the ‘destiny’ itself. They have focused on the achieving the end not the means: P.Anyhow, it is just an opinion no offense. Everything is good and fair till the crowed enjoys and appreciates and it earns money J

Sometimes I just feel that I should take a banner of ‘fool’ with me K.I trust people and fall again. Every time I think I trust the right people, things turn opposite and I fall straight down. I just wish I find right people around me someday

Monday, September 5, 2011

ab na ja...

aankhein band kar lu jo mai dekhu bas tujhe
 khawabon me bhi keh sakta hun apna tumhe
rehne de mera ye veham pe hi yakeen ...naa jaaaa abhiiiiii

tumhi se hai meri neende bhi ho to kya?
tumhi se hai meri baatein bhi ho to kya..
kehne de taaron ko kahaani unkahi...naa ja aabhii....

Friday, September 2, 2011

what after death??

Why is it that you can’t stop some things from happening? You can’t do anything no matter how hard you try. You feel like a miniscule insect which will be ruined anytime by someone giant. You have to keep on going with the flow because you have nothing unique to make yourself distinguishable. You are just another living being who has to live for a particular specified time and then leave. Have you ever thought of where do people go after death? Or rather souls, in case they exist?
I somewhere read that once there was an experiment conducted to see what happens when a person dies, what they did was they took an air tight glass box and placed a person inside it who was about to die. When he died there were cracks in the glass. I don’t know how much authentic it is , but if we consider it as truth then definitely some energy leaves humans on death which we refer to as soul. In India there are myths well I would say ‘myths’ because I don’t believe in them, so myths are there that when death comes’ yamdoot’ a messenger of ‘yamraj’ (god of death’) comes to take that person along to another world where he has to face ‘yamraj’ who then decides on the basis of his deeds on earth whether he deserves to go to hell or heaven. Don’t know who invented this, but may be it has been introduced and inherited in our culture to convey that be conscious while doing anything in your life, consequences can be far reaching if you do something wrong. It is something like a mother threats her child by saying something which may not be true but she wants to confirm that her child stays out of it. There is another belief that after living 84 lakhs lives, a soul becomes free of life cycle and also that if you do something terribly wrong in this life then you will have to live in the form of animals for all successive lives, some even say that you get to live as a human only once in these 84 lakhs times. Many people say that good persons become stars after death:P and they can talk to you in your dreams well that brings in another thing of whether ghosts exist or not.
I would not get into that now. I think that everything happens on this earth, you won’t be penalized after death. Whatever you do, good or bad you will get back in the same life in some or the other form.

listen this song for the time being listen this one